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Spiritual growth requires a daily commitment to living consciously. This inspiring eBook is meant to offer 111 fun tips on how you too can transform the mundane into magical along the way! Enjoy! ABOUT NEFERTEM... Nefertem is an independent, family-owned, holistic skincare company whose mission is to cultivate a positive shift in consciousness by inspiring daily reflection and growth. Nefertem was birthed out of the idea that supporting the mental, emotional and spiritual journey of others daily would gradually lead to a positive change worldwide. Our theory (and the ancestors) led us here. THE JOURNEY… As a busy family, our intentions were to meditate and reflect daily, but time always seemed to slip away. One day it dawned on us, with conscious intent, EVERYTHING we did could become our meditative practice. Bathing then became an act of cleansing our spirits. Cooking transformed into healing through nourishment. Driving developed into our deep breathing practice. Living “connected” became a way of life, not something to sit down and do when we had the time. To learn more about us, visit