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111 Ways to Live With Intention

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111 MINDFUL111 MINDFULLIVING TIPSLIVING TIPShow to livehow to live with intentionwith intention©Nefertem - All right reserved.Brittany Hogan

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A SIMPLE APPROACH TOMANIFESTING GREATNESSLiving with intention takes littlemore than a conscious effort to bepresent in the moment; to commandthe energy in your space; and tonavigate your life with purpose andvision. Allow this book to inspire you to findnew ways to set intentionsthroughout your day as a routine,spiritual practice. As you do, you willfind that your thoughts, emotionsand physical experience align,bringing you overwhelming joy,peace and abundance. We are filled with gratitude to knowthat the Universe has brought ustogether to evolve alongside you. Best intentions, Brittany Hogan, Founder Nefertem Holistic Skincareintentional living begins

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SET THE INTENTIONBefore your feet even hit the ground, set a positiveintention for your day. Be it "I am alive and well." or"Today I will maintain a positive attitude."EXPRESS GRATITUDETake a moment to verbally express gratitude for theopportunity to live another day.GENTLE STRETCHINGVisualize yourself reaching for the stars, bending overto touch the earth, and twisting out yesterday's waste.DRINK WATERAllow water to be the first substance to enter yourbody - hydrating, detoxifying and refreshing.EMBRACE THE MORNING

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Get Your Mind RightBE PRESENTThe past is over. Thefuture is unknown. Allwe have is now. Treatit as a gift.FORGIVE THE PASTThe past has shaped you.Learn, forgive yourself andmove on. LISTENINTENTLYEveryone deserves to beheard. Be the kind ofperson who hears them.HUMBLEYOURSELFKnow that yourtruth is only relativeto your perception.Be open to learn.PAUSE BEFORESPEAKINGGrow comfortable inthe space that existsbetween stimulus andresponse.RESISTIMPULSESMake the consciouschoice to fight urgesyou know don'tadvance your goals.

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Shower with PurposeEXFOLIATEWITH RAWPINK SALT Intentionally smilewhile showering andgetting dressed.USE NATURALAROMATHERAPYSOAPPretend the steam youinhale contains dropletsof a relaxation elixir.Declarethat thisshower will washaway what no longerserves you.PLACEEUCALYPTUSBRANCHES INYOUR SHOWER

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One of the most powerful, private timeswe have to connect with our spirits iswhile we bathe and prepare for our day. Allow this special ritual to become a deepsource of spiritual wellness and growth. Prepare with PrideDON'T JUST PUT ONLOTION. ANOINTYOUR SKIN WITHCONFIDENCE.DON'TJUST CLIP YOURNAILS, CUT OFF THEREMNANTS OF PASTTRAUMAS.DON'T JUST PERFUME,SPRITZ A NEWVIBRATION INTOYOUR AURA.DON'TJUST BRUSHYOUR HAIR, COMBTHROUGH YOURCONCERNS.

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Intention is the most powerful tool we have. Our minds cannot decipher between what has beenimagined versus what has been experienced.Therefore, if you believe your cup of tea can make youhappy, and you tell it to brighten your day, it will. Don't just brew a cup oftea, brew a new attitude

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In case you forget...What you do and how you do it isessential for the growth of humanity.Stay strong! May the Universe bless you with theability to be present in every moment. YOU ARE AN AMAZING HUMAN!

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STIR SUNSHINE INTO YOUR CUPFeel the sunshine pouring from your heartas you spoon honey into your tea.DRINK STILLNESS FROM YOUR COFFEEAs you embrace your warm cup, sip on the idea ofstillness. Practice being fully present until it's gone.COMMAND EVERY GLASS TO PURIFY YOUSpeak to every glass of water you drink. "Purify my bodyand soul as I drink from this cup."How You Drink Matters©Nefertem - All right reserved.

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Don't just crack an egg, crack open yourinsecurities.VISUALIZATION IS KEYPrepare every meal as though theact of making it will bring youone step closer to enlightenmentand peace; then share.Don't just peel an onion,peel back the layers ofyour childhood.Don't just slice througha tomato, slice youranxieties and fears.Sprinkle a dash oftime into everydish.Smear some joy jam on your toast.Make Magic in the Kitchen

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WATERDip your toes into a river.Sit next to moving water.Gaze out at the ocean/lake.AIRSteam inhale a pot of peppermint.Take 5 deep, cleansing breaths.Burn sage near open window.EARTHTake a hike through the forest.Dig your hands in dirt or garden.Read a book under a tree.FIREEnjoy an evening with a bonfire.Light a candle and watch it burn.Exercise to ignite internal fire.SPIRITShine your face with sunshine. Dance to instrumental music.Joyfully hug your sister, mom,child, spouse, friend...Connect to Each Element

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BE GOAL ORIENTEDThe more you focus on your goals, the less distractionswill affect you.Keep Your Mind FocusedCURB DAYDREAMSBe intentional with everywaking moment. Don't allowday dreams to distract fromyour focus.MEDITATEIf you can't make 5 minuteswork, close your eyes, take asingle breath and just pause.JOURNALExpress your true feelings ina safe, judge-free space.READ, READ, READ!Reading commands criticalthinking which demandsgrowth. It's a beautiful cycle.ORGANIZEPlacing things in a neat,orderly fashion createsharmony in your space.

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Place a crystal over a source ofphysical pain. Imagine it emitting tinyvibrations of healing.P E R F O R M C R Y S T A L T H E R A P YMeditate. Visualize the color from each crystalsaturating your subtle energetic body (aura).S I T W I T H Y O U R C R Y S T A L SPlace your crystals outside during a newmoon, full moon, eclipse or thunderstorm.C H A R G E Y O U R C R Y S T A L SThroughout the day, touch the crystal andremind yourself of its metaphysical benefits.P L A C E C R Y S T A L I N P O C K E TConnect with CrystalsTell them to attract abundance, wealth, unity,protection, peace, harmony, etc...S E T C R Y S T A L S A R O U N D R O O MSome believe this can infuse the healingproperties of each crystal into your cellsupon drinking.M A K E C R Y S T A L I N F U S E D W A T E R

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Limit Your Digital LifeR E S T R I C T S C R E E N T I M ESet a timer to limit total screen timeto less than 3 hours a day.T U R N O F F 1 H RB E F O R E B E DLight from screens cantrick your mind intothinking it's notnighttime.W A I T 2 H O U R SGive yourself twohours after wakingup before grabbingfor your phone.D E T O X W H A TY O U F O L L O WClean up yoursocial media.Followinspiration.Unfollowpessimism.

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Reconnectwith NatureStop to admire a flower.LISTEN TO THE WIND... THE BIRDS... THE BEESFeel the bark of a tree.Touch morning dew.SPEAK KINDNESS TOTHE PLANTSWish the weeds well. CARE FOR ANINDOOR PLANTSmile at theclouds.Thank the sun.Run your fingersthrough the grass.DANCE IN THESUMMER RAIN!

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A proverb a day brings growth your way...She who wants honey, must brave the bees - African proverbDon't be a victim to circumstances you create. - African proverbA good conscious is a soft pillow. - German proverbTo know the truth is to be the truth. - Dogon proverbA man grows most tired while standing still. - Chinese proverbTo get lost is to learn the way. - African proverbIf you wish good advice, consult the old persons. - Oromo proverb

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SIGHTFind the beauty in the ugly.See past your prejudices.Look beyond the surface level.TASTETake a bite out of injustices.Taste the glory of achievement.Lick loneliness to the curb.TOUCHCherish a warm embrace.Feel a pat on the back.Tickle the hearts of loved onesAroma your way out of a bad mood.Inhale a breath of fresh air.Smell around before saying a word.SCENTSOUNDListen to what's not being said.Open your ears to the truth.Hear the whisper of your ancestors.INTUITIONSense a change coming.Let your gut guide you.Trust the little voice in your head.Activate Your Senses

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DIRECT THE ENERGY IN THE ROOMPause to silently proclaim that this space wasdesigned to support your best possible performance.TURN CONFLICT INTO SERENITYBefore having challenging conversations, visualize acalm resolution which benefits both parties.DECLARE OUTCOMES BEFORE THEY HAPPENClose your eyes and picture the entire experience as youwould ideally want it to turn out in as much detail as possible.Command Your Space

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SAY SORRYIt can only hurt your ego,but if you don't, it can kill arelationship.Commit to Being KindBE GRATEFULYou are not guaranteedanything in life. Act like it. OFFER HELPNot because you expectsomething in return, butbecause it's the kind thing to do. SMILE & SPEAKNever let a person pass youwithout a smile and a hello.DON'T ASSUMEResolve to finding clarityevery time you communicate.STOP JUDGINGInstead, send them a "mayGod bless you right now".

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Do Yoga.Get a Massage.Sit in total silence.Burnincense.Pray for your family.Pray for your adversary.Pray for a complete stranger.Listen to music that makes you feel lifted.Teach the next generation to do the same.Before eating, ask the food to nourish your body.Before driving, ask God for safe travels.Don't Forget the Basics©Nefertem - All right reserved.

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Like the lotus flower emerges clean frommuddy waters with the rising sun, you toohave the power to awaken every day with arenewed spirit and restored purpose. Have patience with yourself. Evolutiontakes time. Simply command each andevery day to align with your highest good. And remember to pause, breathe andreflect regularly. Be patient with yourself.and finally...FALL SEVEN TIMESSTAND UP EIGHT - JAPANESE PROVERB

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Brittany Hogan, published author and founder of Nefertem HolisticSkincare, has dedicated much of her life to restoring naturalremedies and supporting the spiritual journeys of those around her.When she's not teaching classes locally on mindful living, herbs,essential oils and home remedies, Brittany can be found tending toher family, writing Nefertem's Reflect & Evolve weekly emails, makingproducts and engulfed in books.She has a background in traditional healing modalities includingAmma Therapy, Aromatherapy, Herbalism and Crystal Therapy.She has been described by many as an old soul with a bright aura.Connect with her on social media for daily inspiration: IG & FB @NefertemNaturalsPure IntentionsBrittany- Founder, Formulator, Friend of the Flowers©Nefertem - All right reserved.

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Intention setting while bathing transforms the experience into a sacred ritualconnecting your body, mind and spirit. Our products were intentionallyformulated and blessed to nurture this approach. Elevate Your RoutineAbout NefertemOur mission is to cultivate a positiveshift in consciousness by inspiringdaily reflection and growth. Nefertem is an independent, family-owned and operated company birthed out of thedesire to support the mental, emotional and spiritual journey of others. Guided by ourintuition (and the ancestors) we developed an intimate collection of products tonourish self discovery and honor soul growth. We are truly grateful the Universebrought us all together. About...The Journey...As a busy family, our goal was to meditate daily, but time always seemed to slip away. One day itdawned on us, with conscious intent, EVERYTHING we did could become our meditative practice.We began to see the value of having high vibrational items around us as a reminder to beintentional. Crystals sharpened our intuition, aromas heightened our awareness, and musicimproved our moods. Signs from the Universe came flooding in and during active meditation oneday, our founder, Brittany, received an idea for an herbal recipe. Months later, after sharing thiswith a family elder, she discovered that her great, great grandmother was a traditional healer fromthe island of São Miguel. She knew then in her heart that her soul's purpose was to continue in hergrandmother's legacy. The Process...Nefertem products are intentional from conception and creation, to sending off with love. Rawingredients undergo a purification ceremony to remove any impure energy. As a part of the process,all products are surrounded by crystals, plants and curative music to activate their potential andempower the maker. Finally, each finished product is blessed with the highest intentions beforedelivery. These additional steps infuse a sense of vibrancy into each product that can be drawnupon during conscious intention setting every time they are used. The Ingredients...Our products are made with 100% natural ingredients - like real, pure natural ingredients - like, madefrom the Earth, unadulterated, extracted-in-their-original-form-the-way-our-ancestors-would-have, kind of natural. Why? Because impurity is simply not an option. Learn more about us

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A firm commitment to daily introspection.Living intentionally and listening carefully.Exploring new ideas, feelings and perspectives.Careful examination of motives and values. Being honest with ourselves and others.To reflect is to peel back the layers of who you are to understand yourmental processes, emotional triggers and behavioral patterns. To evolve is to explore what you discover, seek to find a new perspective,and be open to change. To reflect and evolve requires:Pause, reflect and evolve into the best version of you possible!JOIN OUR TRIBEJOIN OUR HIGHLY-ACCLAIMED, REFLECT & EVOLVE EMAILFollow @NefertemNaturals for daily reflections on all major platformsSent every Sunday morning at 7am, our Reflect & Evolve email series provides anew reflection to ponder each week with an insightful description of its meaning. Plus, gain access to subscriber-only sales, informative articles, intention settingprompts and so much more. And no, we won't spam you, that's just bad karma. WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO REFLECT & EVOLVE? LINK BELOW TO SIGN UP©Nefertem - All right reserved.