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111 Mindful Living Tips

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Nefertem Holistic Skincare 111 MINDFUL LIVING TIPS Reflect Evolve AS A DAILY PRACTICE Brittany Hogan How to

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A SIMPLE APPROACH TO FEELING CONNECTED Living mindfully takes little more than a conscious effort to be present in the moment to look at life through a fresh lens to embrace the world with renewed spirit Allow this book to inspire you to find new ways to pause and reflect as a daily spiritual practice The more often you do the more connected you will feel and the better the entire world will be because of it We are filled with gratitude to know that the Universe has brought us together to evolve alongside you Best intentions Brittany Family Founders Nefertem Holistic Skincare mindful living begins here www NefertemNaturals com Copyright 2020 Nefertem

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SET THE INTENTION Before your feet even hit the ground set a positive intention for your day EXPRESS GRATITUDE Take a moment to verbally express gratitude for the opportunity to live another day GENTLE STRETCHING Visualize yourself reaching for the stars bending over to touch the earth and twisting out yesterday s waste DRINK WATER Allow water to be the first substance to enter your body hydrating detoxifying and refreshing EMBRACE THE MORNING

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Get Your Mind Right FORGIVE THE PAST BE PRESENT The past has shaped you Learn forgive yourself and move on The past is over The future is unknown All we have is now Treat it as a gift LISTEN INTENTLY RESIST IMPULSES Everyone deserves to be heard Be the kind of person who hears them Make the conscious choice to fight urges you know don t advance your goals HUMBLE YOURSELF PAUSE BEFORE SPEAKING Grow comfortable in the space that exists between stimulus and response Know that your truth is only relative to your perception Be open to learn

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PLACE EUCALYPTUS BRANCHES IN YOUR SHOWER Declare that this shower will wash away what no longer serves you EXFOLIATE WITH RAW PINK SALT Intentionally smile while showering and getting dressed Pretend the steam you inhale contains droplets of a relaxation elixir USE NATURAL AROMATHERAPY SOAP Shower with Purpose

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Prepare with Pride DON T JUST PUT ON LOTION ANOINT YOUR SKIN WITH CONFIDENCE DON T JUST BRUSH YOUR HAIR COMB THROUGH YOUR CONCERNS DON T JUST CLIP YOUR NAILS CUT OFF THE REMNANTS OF PAST TRAUMAS DON T JUST PERFUME SPRITZ A NEW VIBRATION INTO YOUR AURA One of the most powerful private times we have to connect with our spirits is while we bathe and prepare for our day Allow this special ritual to become a deep source of spiritual wellness and growth

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Don t just brew a cup of tea brew a new attitude Intention is the most powerful tool we have Our minds cannot decipher between what has been imagined versus what has been experienced Therefore if you believe your cup of tea can make you happy and you tell it to brighten your day it will

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In case you forget YOU ARE AN AMAZING HUMAN What you do and how you do it is essential for the growth of humanity Stay strong May the Universe bless you with the ability to be present in every moment

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How You Drink Matters COMMAND EVERY GLASS TO PURIFY YOU Speak to every glass of water you drink Purify my body and soul as I drink from this cup STIR SUNSHINE INTO YOUR CUP Feel the sunshine pouring from your heart as you spoon honey into your tea DRINK STILLNESS FROM YOUR COFFEE As you embrace your warm cup sip on the idea of stillness Practice being fully present until it s gone

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Make Magic in the Kitchen Don t just crack an egg crack open your insecurities Don t just peel an onion peel back the layers of your childhood Don t just slice through a tomato slice your anxieties and fears Sprinkle a dash of time into every dish VISUALIZATION IS KEY Smear some joy jam on your toast Prepare every meal as though the act of making it will bring you one step closer to enlightenment and peace then share

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Connect to Each Element EARTH Take a hike through the forest Dig your hands in dirt or garden Read a book under a tree AIR Steam inhale a pot of peppermint Take 5 deep cleansing breaths Burn sage near open window FIRE Enjoy an evening with a bonfire Light a candle and watch it burn Exercise to ignite internal fire WATER Dip your toes into a river Sit next to moving water Gaze out at the ocean lake SPIRIT Shine your face with sunshine Dance to instrumental music Joyfully hug your sister mom child spouse friend

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MEDITATE If you can t make 5 minutes work close your eyes take a single breath and just pause CURB DAYDREAMS Dreams are great but not when they distract from the present Snap out of them BE GOAL ORIENTED The more you focus on your goals the less distractions will affect you Express your true feelings in a safe judge free space ORGANIZE Placing things in a neat orderly fashion creates harmony in your space READ READ READ Reading commands critical thinking which demands growth It s a beautiful cycle Keep Your Mind Focused JOURNAL

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SIT WITH YOUR CRYSTALS Meditate Visualize the color from each crystal saturating your subtle energetic body aura PERFORM CRYSTAL THERAPY Place a crystal over a source of physical pain Imagine it emitting tiny vibrations of healing PLACE CRYSTAL IN POCKET Throughout the day touch the crystal and remind yourself of its metaphysical benefits SET CRYSTALS AROUND ROOM Tell them to attract abundance wealth unity protection peace harmony etc CHARGE YOUR CRYSTALS Place your crystals outside during a new moon full moon eclipse or thunderstorm MAKE CRYSTAL INFUSED WATER Some believe this can infuse the healing properties of each crystal into your cells upon drinking Connect with Crystals

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RESTRICT SCREEN TIME DETOX WHAT YOU FOLLOW Clean up your social media Follow inspiration Unfollow pessimism Limit Your Digital Life Set a timer to limit total screen time to less than 3 hours a day WAIT 2 HOURS Give yourself two hours after waking up before grabbing for your phone TURN OFF 1 HR BEFORE BED Light from screens can trick your mind into thinking it s not nighttime

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Reconnect with Nature Touch morning dew Thank the sun Stop to admire a flower LISTEN TO THE WIND THE BIRDS THE BEES Feel the bark of a tree SPEAK KINDNESS TO THE PLANTS Smile at the clouds Wish the weeds well CARE FOR AN INDOOR PLANT Run your fingers through the grass DANCE I N THE SUMMER RAI N

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A proverb a day keeps disharmony away To get lost is to learn the way African proverb A man grows most tired while standing still Chinese proverb Don t be a victim to circumstances you create African proverb A good conscious is a soft pillow German proverb To know the truth is to be the truth Dogon proverb She who wants honey must brave the bees African proverb If you wish good advice consult the old persons Oromo proverb

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SIGHT Find the beauty in the ugly See past your prejudices Look beyond the surface level SOUND TASTE Take a bite out of injustices Taste the glory of achievement Lick loneliness to the curb TOUCH Cherish a warm embrace Feel a pat on the back Tickle the hearts of loved ones SCENT Aroma your way out of a bad mood Inhale a breath of fresh air Smell around before saying a word INTUITION Sense a change coming Let your gut guide you Trust the little voice in your head Activate Your Senses Listen to what s not being said Open your ears to the truth Hear the whisper of your ancestors

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DECLARE OUTCOMES BEFORE THEY HAPPEN Command Your Space Close your eyes and picture the entire experience as you would ideally want it to turn out in as much detail as possible TURN CONFLICT INTO SERENITY Before having challenging conversations visualize a calm resolution which benefits both parties DIRECT THE ENERGY IN THE ROOM Pause to silently proclaim that this space was designed to support your best possible performance

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Commit to Being Kind BE GRATEFUL You are not guaranteed anything in life Act like it STOP JUDGING Instead send them a may God bless you right now SAY SORRY It can only hurt your ego but if you don t it can kill a relationship DON T ASSUME Resolve to finding clarity every time you communicate OFFER HELP Not because you expect something in return but because it s the kind thing to do SMILE SPEAK Never let a person pass you without a smile and a hello

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Don t Forget the Basics Do Yoga Get a Massage Sit in total silence Burn incense Pray for your family Pray for your adversary Pray for a complete stranger Listen to music that makes you feel lifted Teach the next generation to do the same Before eating ask the food to nourish your body Before driving ask God for safe travels

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and finally Be patient with yourself Like the lotus flower emerges clean from muddy waters with the rising sun you too have the power to awaken every day with a renewed spirit and restored purpose Your day will not be perfect Have patience with yourself Evolution takes time FALL SEVEN TIMES STAND UP EIGHT JAPANESE PROVERB

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WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO To reflect is to peel back the layers of who you are to understand your mental processes emotional triggers and behavioral patterns To evolve is to explore what you discover seek to find a new perspective and be open to change To reflect and evolve requires A firm commitment to daily introspection Living mindfully and listening carefully Exploring new ideas feelings and perspectives Careful examination of motives and values Being honest with ourselves and others One Million Evolved Souls by 2030 The Universe is calling upon each of us to ascend to our highest level of consciousness to advance the human race forward Align yourself with others who are prepared to commit to this global growth Join us in reaching one million evolved souls by 2030 HOW TO GET INVOLVED Be the change Make the commitment to reflect and evolve as a daily practice and encourage your family to do the same Join the Community Follow NefertemNaturals on social media to receive daily inspiration and connect with others looking to reflect evolve Teach Others Take every opportunity to share the idea of mindful living and reflection Help inspire others to do the same Follow NefertemNaturals for daily inspiration

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Brittany Founder Formulator Friend of the Flowers Pure Intentions Brittany Hogan published author and owner of Nefertem Holistic Skincare has dedicated much of her life to restoring natural remedies and supporting the spiritual journeys of those around her When she s not teaching classes locally on mindful living herbs essential oils and home remedies Brittany can be found tending to her family writing Nefertem s Reflect Evolve weekly emails making products and engulfed in books She has a background in traditional healing modalities including Amma Therapy Aromatherapy Herbalism and Crystal Therapy She has been described by many as an old soul with a bright aura Connect with her on social media for daily inspiration IG FB NefertemNaturals To order mindful living tools visit www nefertemnaturals com